The Importance of Fire Protection System at work

The Importance of Fire Protection System at work

The Importance of Fire Protection Systems at work 

Fire is an ever-present and life-threatening calamity. Even small fires, given the right circumstances, can escalate to towering infernos and catastrophic damages. Still, many business owners assume it is a threat that will never come knocking on their door. The fact is that fires can occur at anytime, anywhere, and for any number of reasons. That is why it is crucial to have a reliable fire protection system. It is the best way to ensure that your business is prepared to protect lives and your property if a fire occurs.

The Role of Fire Protection System

Commercial fire safety systems consist of numerous elements that provide comprehensive layers of protection. Each component has a different function and works flawlessly overall as a combined larger system to achieve the desired protection.

Fire Alarm System

Installing a fire alarm is one of the most prudent measures you need to take to minimize your fire risk. A combination of smoke and heat detectors, sirens and bells, and strobe lights detect fires and alert occupants, giving them ample time to evacuate in an orderly fashion. It is important to select the right type of fire alarm(s) for the types of threats a business may face based on machinery, product inventory types, facility usage, etc.

Fire Sprinklers

Without a doubt, the most important role that fire sprinklers play is in protecting the lives of those who are inside the building. What it does is, it slows down the spread of a fire and allows people to safely evacuate the building, and reduce the number of toxic fumes released by a fire to a survivable level. It has been observed that, when automatic sprinklers are paired with other early warning fire/life safety systems, it becomes capable of reducing property damage, injuries, and death by more than 50%.

A fire suppression system aims to take action before a fire gets a chance to grow and spread, minimizing potential damages. This means that these systems activate at a much earlier stage in the fire’s development than fire sprinklers.

Fire Extinguishers

In conjunction with the above-mentioned fire suppression systems, businesses need the appropriate fire extinguishers on hand and ready to go. In many cases they are the first line of defense and often contain or extinguish a fire, preventing major damage. Business owners sometimes view fire extinguishers as red cans simply hanging on the wall for the sake of compliance.  But these red cans serve a very useful purpose.

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), fires can be diminished by the use of a fire extinguisher. In approximately 80% of all fire incidents, this red can of fire extinguisher is all that is needed to put out the fire.

Having sufficient fire protection systems within a commercial environment is vital to the ongoing health and safety of staff and visitors. Apart from this,  If you are looking to protect critical equipment or machines, a fire protection system may be your best option.

When selecting and installing a fire safety system, it is essential to choose a company with a comprehensive understanding of your needs that can customize your fire protection options. For more information on how we can help your residential or commercial property, visit India’s First Fighting Marketplace and E-Store – Pneucons.