FAQ on Fire Extinguisher Location for businesses

FAQ on Fire Extinguisher Location for businesses

FAQ on Fire Extinguisher Location for businesses

Portable Fire Extinguishers have become the need of the hour for businesses as it has become an important safety requirement. But it has been observed that even though businesses have the required fire extinguishers, it has been observed that there is often confusion about the fire extinguisher location requirements. Having the right fire protection equipment at the wrong location would simply be useless.

Here in this article, we will provide you with the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding fire extinguisher location for businesses.

Where should Fire Extinguishers be located?

In the event of a fire, fire extinguishers come first in a line of defence and hence it needs to be readily accessible by employees in the event of a fire. When it comes to deciding the location for fire extinguishers, it depends on mainly two factors; your facility’s fire hazards, and the ratings given to that particular equipment.

The basic types of portable fire extinguisher ratings are Class A, B, C, D, or K. Depending on each class, location can be decided like mentioned below:

Class A:

Class A fire extinguishers are suitable to be placed at locations that contain ordinary combustible materials, including offices, classrooms, and assembly halls.

Class B:

Class B fire extinguishers are suitable for locations that contain flammable liquids or gases such as workshops, storage areas, garages, warehouses, or service and manufacturing areas.

Class C:

Class C fire extinguishers are suitable for any locations where energized electrical equipment is used.

Class D:

Class D fire extinguishers can be placed in areas that generate metal powders, shavings, or flakes at least every 1-2 weeks.

Class K:

Fire extinguishers with class K ratings are designed for locations combustible cooking oils or fats might exist. Eg: Commercial Kitchens

How much distance should be kept between fire extinguishers?

Many people believe that fire extinguishers need to be located at a certain distance apart from each other. However, the distance requirements for fire extinguishers are actually based on:

  1. The size of the area
  2. The type of the fire extinguishers
  3. Potential hazards pertaining to that particular area.

Do I need a map showing the fire extinguisher location?

According to safety requirements, businesses are often required to have an evacuation map for emergencies. That map can be designed with the help of your local fire fighting company, your insurance carrier, or an industry regulation agency. Since fire extinguishers may be needed in order to escape the building in the event of a fire, you should include their locations on your map.

How should fire extinguishers be mounted to the wall?

The best location to place the fire extinguishers is to mount it on the wall such that they are secure, visible, and readily accessible. One thing that needs to be taken care of is that the fire extinguishers should be mounted in such a way that they cannot be easily moved or damaged yet should be easily accessible when in need. However, in the case of larger or heavier equipment, it can be mounted lower to avoid casualties.

Do you need to have signs above the fire extinguishers?

Fire extinguishers being life-saving equipment needs to be easily identifiable. Sometimes, however, they are not easy to spot or find from a distance as their view may be blocked by shelves, open doors or even standing in the wrong direction may not make them easy to spot.

This is why it is best to have a sign or a board above a portable fire extinguisher that can guide even a stranger in case of emergency. The height and the location of these signboards depend on your location conditions. The most common places where these signs can be found are near the ceiling as opposed to directly above the extinguisher.

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